November 21, 2016

Larch Mountain Little League Meeting

November 21, 2016

Tenino Board Room

6:00 PM

Present: Crystal Deoskey, Kelly McIntire, Lonnie McIntire, Howard Wheeler, Echo Quarnstrom, Adam Culp, Joey Gonia, Jason Watt, Shalee Sayamnet, Dalton Johnson

* Constitution is complete, Howard needs to sign it and needs to be turned in.

  • The board approved the constitution.

* There are two items of local rules that need to be voted on from last meeting.

  • Adding language for which all star teams in local rules

* 2 YES votes to add language with predetermined teams.

* 4 NO votes to add language with predetermined teams.

* We will not be adding language to our local rules that says we will send certain teams. We will wait until after the season has started, and see where the talent is at each age.

  • It was unanimously approved that 12 year olds will be drafted first during the regular season.
  • In Majors the last place coach gets the option of choosing the first 12 year - old player, or deferring to random. This was voted on and approved.
  • In all major divisions, the season will be split into two halves, with the first champion playing the second - half champion game at the end of the season. The championship game will be played during the first week after the first and second half champions have completed all regular season games. If the same team wins both halves, the first and second place teams will play. The first and second half champions will be determined based on overall league records in that half. If two or more teams are tied for first place at the end of either half with identical records, the winner will be determined by a one-game playoff on the first Tuesday following the end of the regular season, or a date determined by the Board of Directors.

* Trophies or medals will be given to winning team.

* We determined that we are going to tone down Opening Ceremonies and put our focus towards closing ceremonies instead.

  • 12 year old pins handed out at closing ceremonies
  • home run hitters called out
  • teams announced
  • possible announcement of 12 year old all star team
  • fireworks!

* All Star Voting:

  • We voted and approved that when it comes to all star draft selections Minors Teams get ONE vote, and Majors Teams get TWO votes.

* Howard updated us on District Meeting:

  • We are supposed to continue using Bonzai this year.

* Thank you Taylor for getting this updated!

  • Howard has a meeting Saturday in regards to divisions. We are adding Rainier, and part of Yelm. Patriot Little League is back to Little League, they are no longer Cal Ripken.
  • Bat Rule Changes

* Dalton updated us on the county and Hoss agreement. Thank you Dalton!

* Registration is opening December 1st.

  • We need flyers going out to the schools after the holidays.
  • $90
  • Echo is going to contact local landscapers for bids on maintaining Hoss. This MAY change the fee for Rochester players.

* We need to get our charter completed so we can get insurance starting the New Year.

* We are hosting the 12 year old Majors District Tournament. July 8

* Batting Cage plans were presented by Howard. The cages will be built at Tenino City Park. There are two bays and two machines. 24x60 is the size. The height is tall enough to use for basketball as well. There will be Larch Mountain storage as well.

  • On Tuesday, December 6 @ 7:00 PM, Howard will be presenting the cage plans to the city and would like LMLL to be present at the City Council meeting.
  • If people want to schedule a time, people have to contact the city.

* Now that we have voted on and approved our local rules, Echo and Shalee will get together and type them up and distribute to members. We will not be meeting in December. Happy Holidays!

* NEXT MEETING: Monday, January 9, 2017 @ RHS Library (If available)